How to Recover Disabled Facebook Account

Facebook account can be disabled by the user itself or by Facebook. Getting your account disabled by Facebook can be due to various reasons such as posting violating content, impersonating someone else, using a fake name etc. If your account has been disabled and you’re looking for a method to recover Facebook account, we’ve created a short tutorial to do so.

Before talking about the recovery method, let us first understand the reasons why Facebook can disable your account.

Reasons for a disabled Facebook account

If your account has recently been disabled, the very first question that might have crossed tour mind is “why is my Facebook account disabled?” There can be multiple possible reasons for this. Here are some of the reasons for disabled Facebook account:-

Posting content that doesn’t follow the Facebook Terms

There are some posting restrictions that Facebook has created. If users do not follow these restrictions strictly, their Facebook account might get disabled. Violating these posting restrictions can include posting 18+ or adult content, posting harassing content or spamming irrelevant links of third party websites. No matter what the reason is, you will probably get disabled.

Often, Facebook gives users a little warning before siabling their account due to any of the mentioned reasons. However, your account might even get disabled without any reason too. In such instances, you can submit an appeal to Facebook and ask them to recover Facebook account of yours. However, it’s up to Facebook to either recover the account or keep it disabled permanently.

Using a fake name

Facebook is flooded with fake profiles. People often use fake names to create profiles. If such profiles get reported by other fellow users, Facebook might disable the Facebook account. If your account has been disabled due to the same reason without using a fake name, you can get it back easily. 

In order to recover your Facebook account that has been disabled due to this reason, you’ll need to submit the documents that Facebook asks to submit. These documents are needed to confirm your real identity if your account has been disabled by mistaken or by someone.

Harassing people or excessive advertisement

Harassment can include sending irrelevant or uncomfortable messages to people or commenting something that makes people uncomfortable. In such cases, your account might get a temporary or permanent ban. Apart from harassment, your account can get disabled due to excessive advertisement.

When you advertise or share links in a manner that it appears to be a spam, your Facebook account can be disabled. An appeal can get your account recovered in such cases.

Recover Facebook Account – Method

When the account has been disabled by the user, the account can be recovered by just logging into the account. Once you login, you account will be reactivated. If you’ve set your account for deletion, you’ll need to login before 14 days period and save your account from getting deleted.

However, if the account has been disabled by Facebook, the user must submit an appeal in order to get the account back.

In order to file an appeal, you’ll need to click here. Here, you’ll be asked to enter some of your details such as login email, full name and a copy of your ID. You can upload any of your government approved official ID. Once done, click on “send” and wait for a few hours or days. Facebook will notify you when they recover your account.


We’ve explained two situations where your account can be disabled and how you can recover Facebook account after it has been disabled. Submitting an appeal do not guarantee in recovering the account, but, is the only choice you’re left with. 

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