How To Open a .Pages Format File On Windows

If you’re wondering how to open .pages files and are looking for a method to open a .Pages format file in Windows, you’re at the right place. This article will guide you through.

Apple and Microsoft are the two rivals in the market who do not want to miss an opportunity to take each other down.  It’s obvious on their part to compete with each other’s technology and software. Hence, the rivalry grew bigger & bigger and they created their exclusive programs which couldn’t run on other.

Microsoft Word is the most popular word processing software since years. To compete with Microsoft Word Document, Apple came with their own file extension, i.e. .Pages. In this article, we’ll tell you how to open a .Pages format file in Windows through a step-by-step procedure.

What is a .PAGES file?

.Pages is a word processor developed by Apple Inc, which can run and is supported by macOS and iOS operating systems. .Pages is an easy-to-use application that allows users to quickly create documents on their Apple devices. By default any of the pages document is saved with .pages extension file thus making it exclusive for macOS a user cannot open pages for windows.

Mac users can share their iWork with their friends and send it to them by using feature of FILE > EXPORT > WORD. Not everyone is a Mac or iOS user, so the problem arises when a .pages file is sent to a Windows user. They fail to understand, how to convert pages to word document.

For solving this problem for our readers, we will provide you with a way on how to open. .Pages file on Windows so that no problem arises while working with incompatible programming users.


For making this more comfortable and easy to understand for our readers, we will be providing with step by step instructions to Open a .Pages Format File in Windows.

STEP ONE: Place the file on desktop.

Before doing anything, make sure that the .pages file you wish to open on Windows is located on Desktop so that it is easily available. For example: If you received your Pages file via an email, then you need to download the attachment and save it on desktop. For those who use Microsoft Outlook, they need to right click on the attachment and click on ‘Save as’ option.


Now as the .Pages file is saved on our desktop, right click on that file. Click on rename option and change its name to whatever you like to, as your comfort but make sure you change .Pages to .Zip. For example, if file’s name is OfficeWork.Pages then change it to OfficeWork.Zip. After renaming a dialog box will pop up asking, “Are you sure?” Click on “Yes”. Now, there is no .Pages file but a .Zip file on your desktop.


For opening the .Zip file, simply double click on it. If it doesn’t opens or you do not having any particular software to open it, do not worry. Go to your browser and download WinZip, iZip or Universal Extractor (all are available for free) and install it. After installing come back on your desktop and open the .Zip file.


As the .Pages file is now converted to .Zip file, some of the folders inside .Pages file would be converted and will be different from the original. Now you have to look for folder named as ‘Quicklook’ inside the zip file. Now open this folder ‘Quicklook’ by double clicking on it.


Now as you open Quicklook folder, you will see various other files. Look for the file named ‘Preview.pdf’ and open it by double clicking on it. This Preview.Pdf is your main file, which is converted from .Pages on Windows. You now have the document which was sent as .Pages file by a Mac user is now successfully converted into .Pdf fiile and is now ready to open?

If you cannot open this PDF file, do not worry we have solution for that also. If you are unable to open it, open your browser and download the Adobe Reader from their official website for free and install it on your Windows.  Now you’re ready to open tall pdf files. You can even send this pdf file to your Gmail so that you do not have to install anything and simply view it through your Gmail. This will help you to directly print that file on your computer via Gmail. They will do the whole decompression process and open the Preview.pdf file for you.

Further there is a facility of editing these pdf files and documents if you want to. Maybe the person who sent you that .Pages file wants you to edit the file and send him back again with some alterations as per the requirement, For this purpose you need to open your browser and download Nuance PDF Coverter Enterprise 7 on your Windows which allow you to edit your PDF file and also can convert PDF to Word document


For people wondering, “How to open .pages”, we’ve mentioned a method above. The above mentioned method is the simplest method to open a .Pages format file in Windows. Furthermore, you can edit as well as share the file too.  

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