How to Fix “Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed” Error

If you’re a regular Instagram user, you probably would have faced “Instagram couldn’t refresh feed error” atleast once or multiple times. It becomes very annoying when Instagram can’t refresh feed and you’re not able to look at the latest posts on the feed. So if you too have faced couldn’t refresh feed Instagram error and are looking for a fix to it, read the article till the end.

Couldn’t Refresh Feed Instagram Error Fix

Instagram is the favorite social media platform all over the world these days. All of us spend a tremendous amount of time scrolling over the feed and looking at the latest images and videos that have been posted. But, several times, people face problems while refreshing the feed. If you’ve been an active Instagram user,you might have noticed that Instagram won’t refresh feed at times.

The very first thing people do after opening the app is refresh it. Hence, this Instagram not refreshing error can be pretty annoying. Most of the times, this error is caused due to poor or no internet connection. But, there is a probability that you might face this error even after being connected to a good network. What should you be doing at such instances? You should try one of the below mentioned solutions to get rid of the error.

Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed Error – Solutions

Make sure the app is updated

At times, older versions of the app can case errors and same can be the case with this error. Once you update the app to its latest version, all the possible bugs and fixes are fixed. It is recommended to regularly check for updates in the playstore. Hence, update the app if you haven’t already.

The double hash-tag comment

When somebody comments a double hash-tag on your post, it can hinder the app’s operation. This can certainly cause problems while refreshing the feed. So, make sure that none of the comments on your posts have a double hash-tag. If they do, delete them and try refreshing. If this method does not work as well, move ahead to the next solution. 

Clear data and cache

Clearing the cache and data of the app can be a possible solution for the error. You can do so by going to setting>applications>Instagram. Now select the “clear data” and “clear cache” options. This will clear all the saved data of the app and you’ll have to login again once you open the app after clearing the data. Now, login with your credentials and try refreshing the feed. The feed should probably refresh now. But if it still doesn’t, we have more solutions for you.

Re-install the app

Re-installing the app from the playstore can as well be a possible fix. In order to uninstall the app, go to settings>applications>Instagram and click on “uninstall”. Once the app has been uninstalled, re-install it from the playstore. Now, enter your credentials and login. Refresh the feed now and check whether the error has been fixed or not. 

Upload a new picture or a video

This sounds weird but is said to work for lots of people. All you need to do is upload a new picture or a video. Once uploaded, check whether the error is fixed. There is no possible reason why uploading a new picture or a video works but it has been working for people so is worth a try.

Unwanted Symbols

Symbols like “x” or a check mark in the comments can as well be a reason for this error. Such symbols can cause errors in the app and restrict it from loading or refreshing. If there are any similar unwanted symbols in the comments, delete them through browser. Once the comment has been deleted, try refreshing the feed. 

Restart the phone

This is probably the ultimate solutions for every error when none of the solutions work. Just restart your mobile device and try refreshing. This won’t certainly solve your problem but it surely worth a try. 

Report a problem

The last and only step left if none of the solutions work is to report the problem to the Instagram team. This can be done by going to settings>report a problem>something isn’t working and report the problem. The technical team will then look into the matter and will help you get rid of the error.


Instagram is addictive and scrolling through the feed can be real fun. But it gets annoying when Instagram won’t refresh the feed and you face couldn’t refresh feed Instagram error. If you’re facing the same error and are wondering how to fix Instagram couldn’t refresh feed error, the above mentioned solutions can probably fix your problem. 

The above mentioned solutions have been mentioned considering that you’ve already made sure your internet connection isn’t causing the error and still Instagram not refreshing the feed. Most times, the internet speed is really low or the device isn’t even connected to one. So before anything else, make sure everything’s fine with the internet connection. If everything’s fine with the internet connection, you can look for any unwanted symbols or double hash tags in the comments, try uploading new picture or video, clear the cache and data, or just reinstall the app or restart the device. 

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