Fix: Windows 10 Freezes Automatically

Since the launch of Windows 10, Many users have had various complaints about the upgrade and the most common of them all that the Windows 10 freezes for a few seconds suddenly and does not work anymore until you restart it and that can be quite painful considering lots of work gets interrupted.

Consider this situation; You have an important meeting tomorrow, and there is a presentation you are working on, we know presentations take so much time and are exhausting, but there is nothing you can do once your Windows 10 freezes randomly. Once Windows 10 freezes, you have to restart the device and most of the times your work is all gone, all the hard work goes into the vain.

But it would not happen anymore as we are here to help you. The following methods will help you get rid of Windows 10 freezing problem:

Windows 10 Freezes Automatically – Solutions

•    Remove the Troublesome Software

There are many instances when some software in your device is causing Windows 10 to freeze. McAfee, Acronis True Image, Privatefirewall, Speccy, Office Hub App are just some of the examples which can lead to the freezing. We are not degrading those apps, but there might be some features which are not compatible thus leading to freezing. All you have to do is find that particular software and eliminate it from your device.

1.    Hover to the settings icon and open it, go to system

2.    Look for the Apps & Features and uninstall the softwares mentioned above or any software which you think is the culprit

3.    Once you uninstall the software, restart your device, and that should do the trick.

Although there have been several people, who have claimed that they cannot get Acronis True Image removed from their computer no matter what they do. Acronis True Image does get uninstalled, but it is not completely gone. You might need to reinstall Windows 10 for that.

•   Obsolete chipset drivers

Windows 10 freezes after the update and this might very well be the reason sometimes. Many people have reported that defunct chipset drivers can cause the trouble of freezing and once they get the new drivers or update the old ones, the problem seems to vanish. Surf the internet and hop on your motherboard manufacturer’s website to update the chipset drivers to latest version for the motherboard. We have read at several places that USB 3.0 drivers update can increase the problems so you might want to stay away from them.

•    Turn off the DGC (Dedicated Graphic Card)

Every device comes with two graphic cards: Dedicated Graphic Card and Integrated Graphic Card, you need to disable the Dedicated Graphic Card for a short amount of time to avoid the trouble. Windows 10 freezes randomly sometimes due to DGC and the only solution is to disable it for some time so here is how you should do the work:

1.    Press the Windows Key + X, scroll the list to find the Device Manager and click on it.

2.    Once the Device Manager opens, look for your dedicated graphic card and right click on it

3.    Click on Disable from the pop-up menu.

Now here is the deal; Once you disable the Dedicated Graphic Card, the freezing will stop, but you will notice that the performance in games has been lowered, which is not much of a problem.

You should also make sure to look if there are any graphic card updates because most of the times, graphic card updates can quickly repair this issue. Just download the latest update of your graphic card and see if it works. Also, no one wants to update their drivers manually because that can be a real bothersome work so what we will suggest you is that you should get a driver updater tool for your PC which automatically updates the drivers. It will not let any damage to the device any prevent any file loss whatsoever.

•    netshwinsock reset command

If Windows 10 keeps freezing on start-up, here is the another solution for you to try. First of all, you should know that Windows 10 freezing problem and internet connection problems go hand in hand and if your computer freezes randomly, here is something you should do:

1.    Press Windows Key + X together

2.    A menu will appear, click the Command Prompt

3.    Once the Command Prompt shows up, enter the following: netshwinsock reset

4.    Click Enter and close the command prompt

5.    Restart your computer, and the freezing problem will be gone.

•    Flashing the SSD

Windows 10 freezes for a few second sometimes due to the SSD problem. If the Windows 10 is installed on your SSD, you are most likely to experience the trouble. Although, if you install the new and updated firmware on your SSD, there will be no more freezing issues on your device. Flashing the firmware can be very dangerous as it can lead to permanent damage to the SSD, so a warning beforehand: Do it wisely and carefully.

•    Disable LSPM (Link State Power Management)

Disabling Link State Power Management is just one of the few other methods, in case others are not working. Disabling LSPM has resolved the issue for many users, and it might solve yours too, just follow the below steps:

1.    Press Windows Key + S and once the menu pops up, Type Power Options

2.    Click on the Power Options from the menu.

3.    You will notice a Power Options window, look for your plan and click Change plan settings on the right side of it.

4.    Choose Advanced Power Settings at the bottom

5.    Scroll a bit lower and look for the PCI Section, expand it and there you will notice Link State Power Management

6.    Right click and turn it off.

7.    Click Apply and save the changes to get the work done.

There might be too fewer chances that Windows 10 freezing problem is still there, in that case, open your browser and visit to Download the ReImagePlus software. ReImagePlus is 100% safe and secure which protects your PC from all types of malware and other issues. Once the software is downloaded, click on Start Scan and Repair All the issues.

After the Windows 10 Anniversary update came into the market, it brought new features with it along with some improvements, however, when the users started using it, they experienced a freezing problem a couple of times during the sign in. Lucky for you, Windows 10 Anniversary update freeze fix is easy if you go through the following steps:

  • Restart the computer and sign in with the second administrator account
  • Click Settings and then Click on Update & security
  • Click on Windows Update
  • You will notice a “Check for Update” button and be assured that your device downloads the update KB3176938.
  • A small window will pop up which will ask you to restart the device, Click Restart Now
  • Sign in with the primary user account

After you get the update, you will no longer face the Windows 10 Anniversary update freeze problem.


Windows 10 freezing problem can be a real pain the back, and therefore we listed the above solutions for you. So next time windows 10 freezes automatically, try any one of them out and share the experience.

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