Fallout 4 Crashes on Startup – How to Solve

Fallout 4 crashes on startup is a common problem faced by a lot of Fallout 4 players. Some users have reported the crashing on loading screen whereas for some uses the crashing takes place 2-3 minutes after starting the game. There are various reasons for the occurrence of this issue. In this article, we’ve mentioned possible reasons for this issue as well as solutions to fix fallout 4 crashes on startup.

Fallout 4 Crashes on Startup – Reasons

Whether the game crashes at loading screen or after 2-3 minutes of starting the game, both of the situations have common reasons for occurrence. Here are some of the most common reasons for the fallout 4 crashing:-

  1. Issue with the graphic card
  2. Issue with the hardware
  3. Video resolution issue

These were some of the most common reasons for fallout 4 crash. Let us now look at the solutions that can fix it.

Fix Fallout 4 Crashes on Startup – Solutions

Tweaking with the options

Making some specific changes to game settings is the simplest solution and should be tried first. The first thing you should change is the game resolution to your desktop’s resolution. Then, go to power settings and set your battery performance to “high”. You can apparently uncheck the intro video and god rays option as well. Lastly, run the game in borderless or windowed window.

Changing these options might stop the game crash or just might not. If changing these settings does not have any effect on the crashing, try the next solution that we’ve mentioned.

Get the latest patch

Make sure you’ve installed the latest patch of the game and if you haven’t, do it as soon as possible. Patches are the updates that are released by the developers to solve game issues related to performance, safety and efficiency. Even if installing a patch do not solve the fallout 4 crashing problem, it’ll atleast improve the performance of the game and remove any bugs if there are.

Disable the security software

It is a well known fact that some security or antivirus programs are not compatible with steam games. So if the antivirus of your system is causing the problem, just disable it. Once you disable the antivirus, launch the game again and check whether the issue persists. If the issue isn’t solved by disabling the program, enable it again and try the next solution.

Disable steam cloud

People have reported steam cloud to interfere with a number of elements of the game. So if that is the issue, disable the steam cloud for a bit. Here’s how to disable steam cloud:-

  1. Launch steam and go to steam library.
  2. Navigate to the icon of fallout 4, right click on the icon and click on “properties”.
  3. Uncheck “enable steam cloud synchronization” option in the updates tab.
  4. Now, restart you system and launch the game again.

If the game still crashes, do not loose your hope as we have a couple of more solutions left. Move on to the next solution.

Update/Downgrade your graphics drivers

Updating the graphic card is always recommended as it cops up with the updates that steam roles out. However, there are few nvedia driver updates that might cause the fallout 4 crashing. If your graphic card update is any of the three among 358.91, 358.87 and 358.50, downgrade it back to 355.98.

Repair the corrupt files

Run a scan for corrupt or missing files and if there are any, repair them. Corrupt or missing files can often be responsible for crashing of the game or cause other performance issues.


A lot of people have reported fallout 4 crashes on startup issue. In order to fix this issue, we’ve mentioned six solutions that you can try to fix it. All of the solutions are easy to follow and would take only a few minutes to be performed. Try these solutions and comment below which of the solutions were able to fix fallout 4 crashes on startup issue.

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