Best Sites To Find Song Lyrics Online Free 2019

In today’s fast paced, full of pressure and stressful world, almost everyone needs a bit of music for recovery and relaxation. But, doesn’t it get annoying when you start listening to a good song and can’t figure out what the lyrics are to sing along? Doesn’t it get annoying when you’re trying to keep up with a fast paced rap song and lose track of it in between because you couldn’t figure out the lyrics? Well, here is a list of websites that will help you solve this problem.


Musixmatch is the world’s largest catalog for song lyrics. This website contains most kinds of genres available in the world right now in various languages and the best part, it’s an source project, hence, allows the users to submit, request and rate the lyrics available.  Not only is MusixMatch a great website for song lyrics, they also have a great app with great features available for users with smart phones. The app has a karaoke like layout where the line which is playing is highlighted for the user to road or sing along which is a really good feature to have if you want to sing along.


This is one of the oldest song lyrics websites out there. There hardly will be a song you search and they don’t have the lyrics for. And even if they don’t, they also have a forum of their own for the users to request and submit lyrics. One con though is the fact that AZLyrics have hardly made any tweaks to their website layout meaning that they still offer that boring user interface from the early 2000s but hey as someone famous once said, “beauty is within.” Hence, AZLyrics because of its large library makes it to second on the list


MetroLyrics probably has the best layout out of all the song lyrics websites out there. This website keeps updated with lyrics of the latest charts of songs from a number of countries and also has a “music news” section for the users to keep track of the happenings in the musical world. With its earlier rivals DirectLyrics now out of the market, MetroLyrics have risen quite high on the lyrics market with lyrics for millions of songs for its users. The website is quite fast to browse as well.


An uncomplicated user interface and a very low lyric error rate make LyricsFreak number 4 on the charts. Also, the fact that the website has close to no ads in it make it a really attractive prospect. The website contains a lot of cool features like a Top 100, you heard it, Top 100 lyrics section which is frequently updated, a star rating system for lyrics for users and is daily updated with new lyrics and has a section of its own for the newest lyrics.


There are a lot of websites out there for Bollywood and Punjabi song lyrics but LyricsMint stands above all, they probably also have the best layout in terms of Indian based websites for song lyrics. The website also offers a great search feature for the users. Even though LyricsMint have a few spaces filled with ads, they are the go to for Bollywood and Punjabi song lyrics.


A great website for English song lyrics, it contains a lot of features like news, album and song reviews. Not only are SongLyrics a great website for SongLyrics, they also contain a cool lyric reviewing system called “The Riff” which is something everyone should check out.


Previously known as Rap Genius, was started out as a lyric website for rap songs but now contains all kinds of genres. Genius true to its original name still contains music lyrics of various lay low artists which aren’t that popular in the international or even national media but do work as rap artists.


Not only is Bollywood Hungama a great website for Bollywood lyrics, it also contains current affairs related to Bollywood superstars and box office collections of Bollywood movies. They also offer music videos and update their trending now section every 12 hours. They also have an app available for Android, iOS, Windows and BlackBerry.


Even though the URL says “Hindi Lyrics”, the website offers lyrics of various kinds of Indian languages like Telugu, Kannada, Punjabi and Hindi. The website also has a feature called “Subscribe and Get Weekly Movie Updates” which sends you an E-Mail information on the latest movie updates which is really cool.


This website contains Bollwyood song lyrics and music videos to play along. LyricsTED also offers a Top 10 Hindi lyrics section and is updated on a daily basis.


A great website for multilingual lyrics, it offers lyrics of songs from various European countries like Denmark, Czech Republic etc. This website is a must for the people who are into foreign culture and would like to know about how foreign countries set their songs different to that of their own country.


A really interesting website, not only does this website contain a massive amount of song lyrics, it also offers lyric related games. The website contains lyrics of various genres like country, hip hop and rap.


Offers over a 100 million song lyrics and also has a feature of downloading music in the MP3 format. But with a confusing layout, this website is 13th on our list.


The website offers a user-friendly categorized layout where the user can filter male and female singers and also has a Top 10 songs column. With a weird URL and slow interface, isn’t the go to website for song lyrics but definitely an alternative if the above website isn’t something the user is looking for.


The website offers accurate Hindi song lyrics and above that, it also offers a translate lyrics to English feature which is really good.

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