Best Reverse Search Engines and Apps

Almost of us use search engines on a daily basis. Search engines have become an essential component of our lives and we need them every now and then. However, most of us are only aware of the text search engines and have no idea about search engines for image. Today in this article, we’ll tell you about some of the best reverse search engines that can be used for reverse image search.

What is a Reverse Search Engine?

Reverse search engines or reverse image search engines are nothing but search engines that lets users to search for images instead of text. These search engines have a lot of benefits such as you can easily know if someone is pretending to be someone else on Facebook. Facebook Reverse Image Search may help you in such an instance.

Reverse Image Search offers a chance to users to search for cars, people, devices and gain details of these entities. This feature will come out to be much appreciated when used in show-rooms while purchasing any product or vehicle.

There are various Reverse Search Engines available on the Internet. However, we have handpicked few Reverse Image Search Engines to make sure that you take full advantage of this feature:

1. Google Images

Google is by far the most resourceful search engines on the Internet. Google Image Search provides users a chance to search through a large database of results to obtain results.

You can search for any image on Google by either uploading the image or inputting image URL in the search bar. Google Image does not need a third party application as there is a camera option available. With this feature you can search for any image on the go.

Google Images provide results after searching the image through its large database of information. As the tool scans the image as well as image source code the results would always satisfy your needs. It may not show the exact website where the picture was uploaded but it will show similar results with accordance with the looks on image. Google Images guarantee highly efficient results for its users.

2. Bing Image Match

Bing is a search engine operating under the Microsoft banner. Bing is a reliable search engine and is used worldwide because of its simplicity and accurate results. It provides a feature to let its users search for images online and obtain text results related to that image.

This feature of Bing which allows people to search for images is titled as Bing Image Match. You can either upload the image directly or copy the URL of image and paste it in the search bar. Bing will scan the image and search it thoroughly to provide you valuable details about the image.

The only setback of Bing Image Match is that it is not available in some countries yet.

3. Reverse Visual Image

RevIMG provides its user a feature to search an image online. You can search images online with ease on RevIMG and always obtain accurate results in return.

However, unlike other Reverse Search Engines RevIMG asks for a certain category after you have uploaded an image or typed its URL in the search box. You have to choose the type of image and state if it is either a monument or a coin or a person. Once you have confirmed the category, RevIMG will show you the results and also state how much similar your picture is to the chosen category.

4. Yandex Image Search

This is a tool provided by Yandex to allow users to search for an image online. Yandex is the largest search engine in Russia. It can also be referred to as the Google of Russia. It has a large database of information but is mostly targeted towards Russian visitors.

You can search for any image by uploading it or pasting its URL in the search box. The results would include similar images and text results related to the image uploaded by the user.

Yandex Image Search is a great tool to check authentication of image. The results are accurate and can also state if the image is duplicate or copyright image. Its reach in Russia is tremendous and resources of Yandex make it one of the most reliable search engines on the Internet.

5. TinEye

This is the search engine which is totally devoted for Reverse Image Searching. TinEye has a database of over 13 billion images to guarantee accurate results related to the image searched by the user.

You can search for any image by uploading it or either pasting the URL of the image in the search box. TinEye will search through its database to provide you 100% genuine results.

There is a TinEye plug-in available for browser which lets you swiftly search for images on the go. This plug-in allows users to search for images while browsing to save their time. Also, TinEye will notify you when any of you picture is uploaded somewhere else.

6. Image Raider

Reverse Image Search offered by Image Raider is another great for searching any image online. Unlike other reverse image search engines, you can search multiple images online. This feature enables users to search for more than one image saving a lot of time of users and helps in getting accurate results.

Once you have uploaded image(s) which you desire to search for on the Internet, Image Raider will search for it on every website on Internet. You can provide URL of your image as well. The results will include the original website where the picture was uploaded. If it was a random picture clicked by you then Image Raider will show similar images in results.

Image Raider offers premium membership for allowing users to search for images comfortably while browsing regularly as well.


After finding these six amazing Reverse Image Search Engines you should finally be able to search images on a reliable site. These sites offer accurate results and act as free reverse image search engines. You can access this time anytime in the day and check the authentication of the image. There are several search engines which provide plug-ins as well to make reverse image searching easier. These sites combine together to gain the tag of “Best Reverse Search Engines and Apps.”

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