Best Oblivion Mods For PC 2019

Its been more than a decade since the release of Oblivion. However, people are still looking for oblivion mods for PC. If you too are looking for best oblivion mods 2019, hop into this list of ours.

The Elder Scrolls by Bethesda is a highly appreciated franchise in the RPG gaming community and 2006’s Oblivion was no different. It was the fourth installment in the franchise and was the successor to The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and the predecessor to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Therefore, it is safe to say that Oblivion currently holds a middle ground in terms of gameplay. 

While most have moved on from Oblivion, there still exists a large community of players who enjoy the game using different kinds of modifications. This is possible through PC Mods that are usually released by community creators unofficially in order to enjoy the game from a different perspective. Being a fantasy game filled with a large catalogue of characters, maps and quests, mods on Oblivion give creators a decent amount of flexibility. Let us look at the best Oblivion mods for PC as of 2018. 

Best Oblivion Mods for PC – Best oblivion Mods 2019

1. Oscuro’s Oblivion Overhaul Mod

It is safe to say that being a game released over a decade ago, the base graphics on Oblivion look pretty awful compared to the games that we play today. However, this can easily be fixed through Oscuro’s Oblivion Overhaul PC mod. Although the mod does not produce a splitting image of today’s graphics, it significantly enhances the graphics that you get with the game out of the box. 

The mod can be downloaded on the official Oscuro website and comes with a stepwise guide for proper installation. The mod includes an overhaul of in-game faces of characters, an improvisation on open world graphics and much more. This mod till date remains the best oblivion mod for PC.

2. Unofficial Oblivion Patch Mod

The Unofficial Oblivion Patch is possibly the most talked about Oblivion mod in the community which is quite unsurprising due to its plethora of fixes and gameplay enhancements. The mod goes through various adjustments in different areas of gameplay. It is safe to say that this mod is one of the best free oblivion mods.

In terms of numbers, this mod fixes over 1800 in-game bugs and glitches including floating rocks, see through walls, unsynchronized character speech, etc. Apart from that, the mod also includes a number of patches and downloadable content that helps in improving your gameplay experience. Additionally, unofficial oblivion patch install is extremely easy to follow. It can be download on the Nexus Mods website and who also provide the full specifications to the mod on their website. 

3. Deadly Reflex Mod

While graphics and bugs are a huge part of what one expects a mod to fix on any given game, Deadly Reflex goes through a unique type of gameplay modification. It gives its downloaders a strategic depth while playing the game by adding various custom animations and combat techniques such as the ability to dodge attacks, stun your rivals, and much more.

To make it consistent, the mod gives the same abilities to your rivals. Hence, giving users a different kind of experience in terms of combat. If you are a fan of duels and wish to get kills using different tactics as in the base variant, the Deadly Reflex mod is certainly one that we recommend.

4. Oblivion XP Mod

While Oblivion was widely appreciated by the community during its time, many gamers criticized its levelling system as it meant that the character needed to constantly keep doing things over and over in order to increase in terms of level. The Oblivion XP mod fixes this major issue. 

This levelling overhaul changes the levelling system into something like a World of Warcraft format wherein you earn XP via killing your rivals and completing quests on the way. While many argue that it somewhat changes the balance of the game, it is still a fun mod especially if you do not like the default levelling system on Oblivion. This mod can be downloaded by following the oblivion modding guide.

5. Enhanced Camera Mod

As we know, Oblivion is a first-person shooter game. However, there are moments in the game where your character shifts into a third person view. This usually happens during a kill or other animations which the game cannot register in first-person. The Enhanced Camera mod fixes this.

As its name suggests, the Enhanced Camera is a mod which is solely meant to fix the camera angles of your game. Its major enhancement is directed towards giving users a first-person view of their character at all times no matter what the scenario is. Therefore, you can look down at your character’s body and oppose the surrounding without ever shifting into a third person mode.

6. Midas’ Magic Spells of Aurum Mod

Going back to Morrowind, we had the essence of magic in most parts of the game which most of the community appreciated. However, Bethesda changed this in its fourth installment – Oblivion. 

While Oblivion had its fair share of magic and enchantments, it was definitely lacklustre as compared to Morrowind. The Midas’ Magic Spells of Aurum, however, looks into adjusting this.

The Midas’ Magic Spells of Aurum mod for Oblivion brings out over a hundred of new spells in the game’s locker which significantly enhances the gameplay. Although many argue that few of the added spells make close to no sense, they are definitely a fun element that the mod adds into the game. Besides, sense and magic are 2 things that do not ever go together. 

7. Better Dungeons Mod

There is no doubt in saying that Oblivion is a big game to play in terms of maneuverability and time taken to complete the game. However, some community members still complained about how its dungeons get repetitive after you have settled into the game. The Better Dungeons mod for Oblivion fixes this issue.

While it is easy to forgive Oblivion for adding some sort of repetition of dungeons for a game of its size, The Better Dungeons mods adds even more mileage to the game’s arsenal. The mod makes sure that the user does not have to bear with the burden of seeing a repetition of dungeons in every three dungeons they visit. 

8. Weapon Expansion Pack Mod

As we know, Oblivion comes with a plethora of weaponry options for its users to choose from and add to their catalogue. However. If you are an Elder Scrolls gamer, you would always welcome more options in your game and this is exactly what the Weapon Expansion Pack mod does to your game.

As its name suggest, the Weapon Expansion Pack goes over adding more weapons into the game. In terms of figures, it adds more than 625 new weapons into the game including Fine Iron, Mithril, Orcish, etc. It also fixes more than 100 errors and glitches regarding weaponry including statistics, level related, etc. 

9. Maskbar’s Oblivion Overhaul Mod

As discussed earlier, Oblivion does not come close to the graphics and gameplay animations that we see in today’s games which is kind of a deal breaker for some people who plan on downloading the game. However, this can be easily fixed if you use the Maskbar’s Oblivion Overhaul mod.

Similar to other overhauls. the Maskbar’s Oblivion Overhaul goes over adding new elements to the game while significantly enhancing the graphics of the game. The mod adds different kinds of encounters, loot animations, killing animations, combat animations, treasure hunts, etc. 

10. DarNified UI Mod

As we know, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was initially built for consoles and its user interface was meant to adapt the gameplay as seen in consoles. But surprisingly. Bethesda released the same variant for PC which made the community fume over the company. However, the DarNified UI mod for Oblivion fixes this major issue. 

The DarNified UI mod goes over fixing various interface problems that PC users faced while playing Oblivion. Some of these include making the font smaller, zooming out the interface in order to fix more of the game into your screen, etc. 

11. Script Extender – OBSE Mod

Just like any other game developer. Bethesda makes sure to put some kind of restraints on modifications on their game. While the company is still lenient towards the idea, it still does not help users who wish to make complex modifications and/or add multiple mods to their game. The Script Extender – OBSE helps in this situation. 

As its name suggests, the Script Extender – OBSE works inside the script of the Oblivion fixing codes that prevent users from installing mods on the game. In other words, it gives access to all mods created by the community creators while also allowing the inclusion of multiple mods at the same time.

12. Better Cities Mod

As discussed earlier, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is a massive game in terms of size and time taken to complete the game. However, “The more the merrier” is the policy that runs in the community of The Elder Scrolls franchise. Many gamers requested for an expansion of cities and the ability to get into more game scenarios in the creators’ community to which the creators responded hastily by releasing the Better Cities mod for Oblivion. 

Better Cities works towards enhancing the cities in Oblivion. It adds new buildings, quests, and scenarios which make the gameplay even more fun than it already is in the base variant.  It also gives its users the ability to choose which city they want to make changes in.

13. ‘A’ Takes All Mod

While the gameplay of Oblivion is quite rapid and engaging for its time, gamers of today find it annoying that the looting system on the game is slow and takes a while before they can switch into their next action. However, ‘A’ Takes All fixes this minor in-game issue with ease.

‘A’ Takes All gives users the ability to loot all items in a container at one go which makes the gameplay better as that is less time spent on an action that occurs quite often in the game and does not have any significance in the storyline. The ‘A’ in the mod’s name refers to the key ‘A’ on your joystick which you need to press in order to loot all items from a container at one go.

14. Really Textured Normal Maps Mod

Being an old game, most of Oblivion’s mods are based on graphical enhancements and the Really Textured Normal Maps is no different. Similar to other mods of its category, this mod goes over fixing the surroundings of the game including dungeons, building, forests, etc. 

The best part about the Really Textured Normal Maps is that it does not affect the performance of your game significantly while also adding the graphical adjustment into your locker. Therefore, if you have a PC with low specifications, you need not worry about installing this particular mod. 

15. Light There Be Darkness Mod

Spellcasting is a huge part of Oblivion’s gameplay. Every gamer who plays The Elder Scrolls franchise is a fan of magic and spell casting. In fact, there are a few gamers out there who are familiar with the whole spellbook that the game provides you out of the box. However, the community does not like the way some spells are casted in the game they produce a dark-vision atmosphere. The Light There Be Darkness mod fixes this issue.

As its name suggests. Light There Be Darkness is an Oblivion mod which illuminates the atmosphere for all the spells casted in the game which is quite useful for gamers as the game does have its fair share of dark-vision spells. 


There is no fear in saying that The Elder Scrolls franchise is a dreamland for us gamers who like to modify our games according to our liking. The fourth installment to the franchise, Oblivion was no different either. 

Over the years, community creators have come up with hundreds of best oblivion mods for PC which makes tweaks into the game making the gameplay better for the user. However, due to such large variety of options, many gamers tend to get lost while looking for the best oblivion mods 2019 possible for their game. This is why we decided to come up with a list of the Best Oblivion mods for PC 2019.

Our list consists of a variety of best Oblivion mods which fix different problems that the game has. So go on and try them out for yourself and play your favourite franchise in a different manner. If you’re not sure of the modding procedure, you can look at oblivion modding guide.

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