15 Cool Websites to visit in 2019

There are millions of websites on the internet. Some of the websites aim to provide valuable information whereas some focus on solving queries. However, there are some interesting websites to visit that wouldn’t help you increase your knowledge but will surely kill your time in boredom. Here’s a list of 15 such cool websites to visit when you’re bored:-

1. Funny or Die

The site was launched a decade ago with an aim to amuse as many people as they can and they sure succeeded in it. The site features funny videos and short movies of well-known personalities such as former president of USA, Barack Obama and current president Donald Trump. You can have access to endless videos which will get you addicted to the site.

2. Google Arts & Culture

Google Arts & Culture is a website cum app owned by Google which you can easily find on PlayStore. You cannot get enough of this place as you will have the chance read almost anything from the culture of the whole world. Historical events, Figures, Various projects, Art movements and so much more things to turn your boring day into a ride full of wisdom.

3. MS Paint Adventures

Being launched in 2007, MS Paint Adventures is a web-comic website which still rules the market. It has a so strong audience that they had to abandon fan suggestions due to many requests. Website is known to have over 10,000 pages which is a massive number. The comics are made in Adobe Photoshop and are pretty entertaining to read.

4. Poets.org

As the name suggests, this is a website where you can read poems. The poems on the website are written by The Academy of American Poets, the largest organization of U.S. What you have to do is visit the website and sign up to enjoy thousands of awe-inspiring poems and also get a new poem every day.

5. Mondo Media

Now this is where you get a bit of Non-PG content. Mondo Media is a website targeting teen and adult audience. Funny videos and animations related to daily life can be found there. Mondo Media also has a Youtube channel where you can find more content.

6. Science of Us

As the name suggests, it’s all about Science. Here once can learn what the studies say about the Human Behaviour and Productivity. All the confusions from unconsciousness to twins, every question has a solution here.

7. The Useless Web

The Useless web is an old-school web humour website where you can find the most useless but time-killing websites. The site is known for its time when it was way too famous. You can visit the site and click on the button shown to see multiple useless websites around the web.

8. We and the Colour

An Art & Design Blog for the art lovers! This website includes tons of stuff you need to know about graphic designing, interior designing, etc. This place includes various lessons about photography and illustrations you were totally unaware of.

9. Honest Slogans

Honest Slogans is a laugh riot. A collection of famous brands, companies, advertisements converted into an honest humour. The site mainly focuses on what people think of the slogan or what it actually stands for.

10. Handmade Charlotte

While watching artists, some of us often wish if we had such skills that could amaze people and it often ends in a total disappointment but will no more. Handmade Charlotte will help you master in art by turning simple things that lying around in your house to something totally cool.

11. Hackaday

No, don’t judge it with the name, it isn’t any hacking website. On this websites you can find an array of life hacks that’ll make your life easier. This site helps in performing those hacks in daily life.

12. Deviant Art

This is the perfect site for artists out there. Here you can find thousands of designs by thousands of users who upload it to the website and you can also publish yours. Get tips and advices from the experts and boost your designing skills.

13. Oh My Disney!

Name may sound a bit childish but it is for everyone. At some point of time, we all have been a Disney fan and this site makes us nostalgic and helps us remember those precious days. Other than that, you can enjoy various videos, arts, and participate in Quiz competitions.

14. Damn You Auto Correct

Auto Correct was made to aid people but what it mostly does is get people into trouble. The site shows funny incidents which takes place due to Auto-correction feature.

15. Texting with Cancer

It revolves around the lives of a pessimist cancer patient and an optimist who text each other talking about their daily life. It no doubt will keep you entertained but along with that you’ll get to learn a lot of things.


This was our list of cool websites to visit in 2019. Some of these websites will amuse you whereas some of these will just help you kill some free time. If you were looking for funny websites to visit or some interesting sites to visit, this list has tons of options to go for.

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